Postal service disability retirement may be available to you when you can no longer perform your normal job duties. To quality, you must meet the regulatory, statutory, and administrative criteria. The process of application can be intimidating as well as overwhelming. Therefore, this is when a retirement attorney with experience proves helpful.  postal service disability retirement

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Here are some things to know when choosing a postal service disability retirement attorney:

  • Start your search early
  • Hire an attorney with top-notch qualifications
  • Confirm the attorney’s experience
  • Prepare for the initial meeting

Start your search early

If you have problems filing for postal service disability retirement, you may not have much time left. Generally, a postal worker must show the ability to perform or provide efficient service. A quality attorney will help you gather evidence and process all of the paperwork. Here is some types of evidence that may need consideration:

  • Evidence of pain and disability
  • Class or grade of latest employment 
  • Objective medical findings/medical opinions

Hire an attorney with top-notch qualifications

While there are many postal employee disability retirement lawyers, there can be a wide range of qualifications. You’ll want a knowledgeable attorney who also has the highest of ethical standards. The process can involve many steps to be sure of benefit entitlement. Of course, the attorney should understand the necessary medical analysis. 

Confirm the attorney’s experience

When applying for a postal disability retirement claim, you want to work with someone who shows experience of representation. Make sure the attorney understands the different procedures and how the process with the postal service differs from other types. A large law firm is not always the best for your situation. Therefore don’t be afraid to approach sole practitioners and small firms.

When you talk to more than one attorney, you can understand their styles. For when and if the case gets tough, you want to work with someone who makes you comfortable.

Prepare for the initial meeting

If you hire an attorney to help you with postal service disability retirement, you should be ready to provide any medical records and a copy of your job position. Other than that, you must show a letter denying you the disability retirement application. Be sure, if you have any questions, to write them down and feel free to ask anything.  It’s important you feel confident and comfortable with the relationship.  Additionally, you should expect that the attorney will ask for complete documentation.

If you lose the ability to continue working in your job, a retirement attorney can help you get the benefits you deserve. Make sure you’re comfortable with their reputation, experience, and understanding of your case.

Postal Service Disability Retirement
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